Intel Menlow Platform Becomes Real with EB UMPC Concept

It seems that this form factor for UMPCs is becoming the most popular. You get a fairly large touchscreen when you need it, but when you slide ‘er on up, you reveal an infinitely useful QWERTY keyboard. EB has just created this new UMPC hardware platform — yet unnamed — that is based on the Intel Menlow platform.

Instead of taking the Windows route, this Intel-powered handheld gets loaded with a Linux OS. The processor is called “Silverthorne.” Other key features include the 4.8-inch “high resolution” screen, Mobile WiMAX, HSDPA, GPS, and probably WiFi as well. They also promise “longer battery life with a sub 4W drain.”

Somehow, it looks like the lovechild of an LG Chocolate and the Sony Vaio UX1 to me.

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