FIC CE261 Travel Book Is One Tiny Laptop

You could either say that it is one of the world’s smallest laptops or you can flip it around and say that it is one of the world’s largest UMPCs. Fitting snugly between the two markets is the CE261 Travel Book by the team at FIC. Featuring a 7-inch widescreen display capable of resolutions as high as WVGA (800×480), this handy little computer comes in a laptop-like form factor, a full QWERTY keyboard, stereo speakers, and even a VGA webcam for good measure.

What makes it not a UMPC is the fact that the screen isn’t a touchscreen, as far as we can tell. It also seems noteworthy that it apparently runs on a full version of Windows XP. Where’s Vista?

Interestingly, the display that they have set up at Computex makes no mention of any processing power, the size of the hard drive, or any of those other goodies that we’d like to know about. Does it have WiFi? We can’t tell you. But they do claim a battery life of at least five hours.

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