Bluetooth-Powered Video Transfers from MSI MS-6886 VDP Box

image_18150_largeimagefile Bluetooth-Powered Video Transfers from MSI MS-6886 VDP BoxA device like this surely won’t be able to handle full 1080p HDTV, but it’s an intriguing proposition nonetheless. MSI, a popular manufacturer of motherboards and other computer components, has just unveiled the MS-6886 VDP box. What makes this little blue brick so special is that it is able to connect to a TV via a standard RCA connector, snagging videos from another source via Bluetooth.

Shot a hilarious video on your cell phone? Go ahead and beam that over Bluetooth and share it with everyone in the room instead of getting them all to huddle around that tiny 1.5-inch screen. Officially, the VDP Box MS-6886 supports both 3GP and MP4 formats, as well as other unspecified file types. This is both for recording and playback.

Your guess on how much it costs is probably as good as mine.

Michael Kwan

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