MSI MS-5552 MP3 Player with Bluetooth and 50 Hour Battery


image_18243_largeimagefile MSI MS-5552 MP3 Player with Bluetooth and 50 Hour BatteryDespite what Steve Jobs may lead you to believe, there are MP3-playing options beyond the iPod nano (and I’m not talking about the shuffle). Boasting nano-like proportions, the MSI MS-5552 digital audio player actually has a couple legs up on its Apple counterpart. For starters, this little beast comes equipped with a Bluetooth radio, presumably letting you listen without wires and maybe even transfer songs from your computer that way too.

Unlike the nano, the MSI player has a replaceable battery. It’s not even one of those propriety piece; the MS-5552 gets its juice from a standard AAA battery, providing you with up to 50 hours of playback. That’s more than two straight days of head bobbing. Rounding out the features are the aluminum alloy body, “intuitive touch panels”, and easy-to-use controls.

Price and storage capacity, unfortunately, have not yet been determined.

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