Cingular Has Its Own MP3 Player?

Cingular Has Its Own MP3 Player?


Well, not exactly, but this might be as close as we’re going to get. Instead of the standard circular or square button layout that most MP3 players have, the PQI JoyTone U820 has its keys arranged not unlike the orange splat we’ve come to associate with Cingular. C’mon, you can’t say that you don’t see it.

Really, that’s the only notable feature on this portable music player, because the rest of the specs are definitely on the standard side of things. There’s a 1.5-inch color LCD (128×128 pixels, 65k colors), digital voice recording, ID3 tag and lyrics display, multi-language support, and love for a small handful of formats including MP3, WMA, SMV, JPG, and BMP.

image_18223_superimage Cingular Has Its Own MP3 Player?

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