Adding GPS Location Data to Your DSLR Snapshots


Taking some high quality photographs with a DSLR is one thing, but it can sometimes be difficult to remember exactly where you took that exceptional shot. Wonder no longer, because Projovian has a funky accessory that adds GPS data to every picture you take. This information will be attached to each individual photo, so this way it leaves out all the guesswork when it comes to determining where a picture was taken.

The Projovian GPS accessory seems to consist of two parts. There’s a monoblock that fits on top of the camera where the flash would normally go, and then there’s a plug that goes into the front of your Nikon DSLR. Compatible with D2 and D200 series cameras, the accessory will provide “location information such as latitude, longitude and altitude.” Neat-o. No word on price.

image_18248_superimage Adding GPS Location Data to Your DSLR Snapshots

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