His and Her USB Flash Drive Necklaces

His and Her USB Flash Drive Necklaces


An acquaintance of mine runs a blog where he talks about teaching English in Korea. Sometimes, he’ll put up a post talking about campus couples. This is where a couple dresses nearly identically… there are even stores that cater specifically to this trend. Now, having a matching outfit is fine and dandy, but what about matching accessories that are actually functional? That’s where this pair comes into play.

PJ Jewelry of Korea has just created a semi-matching pair of his and her necklace-type USB flash drives. Dubbed “Shining”, these flash drives come wrapped in a full silver body, what appear to be some encrusted jewels (could just be crushed glass), and a rather bulbous-looking chain to boot. I appreciate the convenience of having some memory dangle from my neck, but I personally am not digging the style. Just not my thing.

No word on price. PJ Jewelry will produce them for custom orders only.

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