Video: Mario Kart R/C Race In The Office


image_18463_largeimagefile Video: Mario Kart R/C Race In The OfficeEver since the original Mario Kart game for the Super Nintendo, I’ve been hooked. I can’t count how many hours I wasted away in Mario Kart 64, donning the yellow cap of Wario and throwing red shells at anything that moved. I can’t even begin to fathom who infatuated I was with the ability to go online with Mario Kart DS, only to get schooled by some 12-year-old kid from Japan. But what if you could take the whole Mario Kart phenomenon and bring it into real life with a giant radio-controlled Mario Kart racer?

Well, this little go kart isn’t all that little, measuring over a foot long and featuring sound effects from the game. Control is (intuitively) performed through a GameCube Wavebird-like controller, but the real fun comes when you get a bunch of these together for a real race around the office. ThinkGeek only snagged one, pitting Mario against a tank in a drag race. Hilarity ensures. Check the vid.

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