Extending the iPod Dock To Fit Your Needs


image_18635_largeimagefile Extending the iPod Dock To Fit Your NeedsA gripe that some people have about the Apple iPod is that when you slip on one of those colorful silicon skins, you have a hard time accessing the dock connector. SendStation has effectively eliminated that concern with their iPod Dock Extender. As you can probably guess from the picture, there really isn’t all that much to this solution other than a piece of plastic that allows the iPod connector to gush out from beyond the silicon case (or whatever you happen to use to protect your glossy music player).

This is not only useful for when you want to synch up your music library, but also for when you use any sort of accessory that requires you to do the whole docking thing (speaker sets, voice recorders, etc). The unfortunate part of the picture is that this little piece of plastic isn’t all that cheap at $28.95. Get the dock extender directly from SendStation.

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