Apple iPod Plated in 24 Karat Gold


image_18615_largeimagefile Apple iPod Plated in 24 Karat GoldSwarovski encrusted music players not your kind of thing? Amousu has come to the rescue with a new line of 24 karat gold iPods. The electronics on the inside have remained untouched, but the backside has been plated in glorious 99.999% pure gold. Yes, just the backside. The front of the iPod looks like how it always has, fortunately or unfortunately, so if you need to flash your “steal my iPod”, you’ll have to display the back.

And that golden behind is extra shimmery too, because it is “hardened mirror gold.” Naturally, there is a premium to be paid for all this luxury. The golden variants of the 30GB and 80GB iPod sell for $600 and $800, respectively. There should be nano versions as well, but Amousu has not released the price on those. Get out there and nab a golden iPod to go with your golden member. ‘Cause we all love goooooooooooooooooooooooold.

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