Video: Jet Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells Takes Flight


Not content with keeping it to the ground, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has not only developed the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell-powered jet, they’ve taken the Hyfish on its maiden flight through the countryside. Granted, it’s nowhere near big enough to actually have a person ride it — the test flight was unmanned — but it speaks to the possibilities of hydrogen fuel cells. This follows in the company’s success in creating the H-Racer, Tamiya R/C car kit, and the Hydrocar, all three of which are powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

What’s more, the Hyfish fuel cell jet is remarkably quick, approaching speeds as high as 200km/h, performing a few aerial acrobatics along the way. And because of the way that it’s powered, this jet emits zero emissions whatsoever. Now if they could only create a Boeing 747-sized version of this sucker.

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