Sanyo Eneloop Charges AA Batteries Via USB


image_18696_largeimagefile Sanyo Eneloop Charges AA Batteries Via USBI’m not entirely sure about the “Eneloop” name, but this USB battery charging solution from Sanyo is certainly worth a second gander. Sure, it’s not quite the all-in-one solution found with the USBCell nor does it come in all sorts of sexy colors like the Energizer Duo, but it does seem to be reasonably compact. The Sanyo Eneloop would certainly come in handy when you need some extra juice for those Wii Remotes, for example, or maybe for your digital camera while on vacation.

I think it’s safe to assume that the batteries found within are of the NiMH persuasion, meaning that you can probably plunk any of those kinds of rechargeables into the Sanyo base and they’d be good to go. I also think that if you fold down the positive connectors, you will then be able to charge AAA batteries as well. No word on price.

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