Atree UJ10 DMB PMP Almost Mistaken For a Cell Phone


image_18806_largeimagefile Atree UJ10 DMB PMP Almost Mistaken For a Cell PhoneAt first glance, you would almost think that the Atree UJ10 personal media player is the latest in a line of sexy slim cell phones from Samsung or LG, but such is not the case. You will not find any cellular or WLAN radios under this hood to let you yap it up with your friends, nor will you find a numerical keypad to do the dialing.

You do get to catch some waves, however, as the UJ10 packs in an integrated DMB TV receiver, as is par for the course when it comes to Korean consumer electronics. In terms of the more standard features, you get an audio player (MP3, WMA, OGG), video player (MPEG4, WMV9), image viewer (JPG, BMP, GIF), voice recorder, mini-games, and an FM radio. And as you can tell from the provided image, it’s almost iPod sexy with its very smooth design, 9.9mm thick profile, and 2.2-inch color display.

The Korea-only Atree UJ10 PMP is available in 2GB and 4GB flavors. No word on price.

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