Energizer Duo Charger Caters to Fashion-Conscious Teens


image_18942_largeimagefile Energizer Duo Charger Caters to Fashion-Conscious TeensIn an effort to market to the younger generation, Energizer has just released the Energizer Duo portable battery charger, available in hot trendy colors like red, blue, and yellow. Designed to work with both AA and AAA batteries of the NiMH persuasion, the Energizer Duo is named as such because it can get its juice from either a USB jack or a wall outlet, granting teens a little added flexibility when it comes to getting power to their Nintendo Wii Remotes.

It’s not quite the same as the all-in-one USBCell, but it’s a fair bit cheaper at just $14, including a free pair of AAA batteries to get you started. And if you’re really bored, Energizer will even bundle in some “interactive” and “customizable” software that lets you watch as your batteries charge up. Exciting stuff, I know.

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