Tiny MP3 Player Boasts 2GB of Tunes

Tiny MP3 Player Boasts 2GB of Tunes


image_19060_largeimagefile Tiny MP3 Player Boasts 2GB of TunesWhat’s the size of your fingertip but can contain 2GB of data? It’s the Ultimate Smallest MP3 Player.

This tiny device doesn’t have a viewscreen, of course, but that is no longer a vital component. Storage capacity rules the roost, even in something so small. The headphones weigh as much as the player—less than one ounce. It’s a square featuring 24mm sides.

The Ultimate Smallest MP3 Player, which also sports an FM radio tuner, can support a host of music formats, including MP1, MP2, MP3, ASF, WMA, and even WMV.

The battery life is an impressive 5 hours, and it plays nice with Mac, Windows, and Linux via a USB 2.0 connection.

It’s available now for US$99.95.

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