Handheld Stargazer Packs GPS, Multimedia

Handheld Stargazer Packs GPS, Multimedia


image_19058_largeimagefile Handheld Stargazer Packs GPS, MultimediaThis is not just a telescope, although it’s still a good one of those, too. The mySKY Personal Planetarium makes stargazing a bit easier by including GPS functionality and multimedia capabilities. You can certainly use this device the old-fashioned way if you want, but you can also take advantage of modern navigation technology for precise and focused observation.

The LCD is a bit larger than you might expect, at 480×234. And the device itself looks more like something out of a sci-fi movie than a serious observation device.

The database has more than 30,000 sky targets, which should be enough to keep you busy for a few years at least.

The most impressive feature, though, would seem to be the multimedia suit, including text, audio, and even video presentations that will enhance your stargazing experience in a whole new way.

The Personal Planetarium will be available in May, for US$400.

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