Pink Microsoft Zune Made Official


image_19116_largeimagefile Pink Microsoft Zune Made OfficialSo, Microsoft didn’t do a very good job convincing you that swamp-water brown was the new black. How about pink? All the girly gadget enthusiasts love pink, right? Well, that must be the mentality behind Bill Gates’ latest move, officially announcing that the Zune portable media player will be available in a soft, rosy tone. Unfortunately, that’s the only change that the powder pink Zune is going to receive, as it’s still stuck with the same-sized hard drive, the same clunky form factor, and the same crippled WiFi capabilities.

On the downside (or upside, depending on your perspective), the pink-colored Zune will be a limited edition affair: they’re only producing 100,000 units for the worldwide market. Chances are that this special MP3 player will go for some sort of premium over its black, brown, and white brethren. I wonder if they’ll show up on eBay for inflated prices…

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