Music Phone Patent Initiates Lawsuit Frenzy

Despite the goofy-looking logo, Hop-on means business. The mobile phone company has in its hands a patent that grants it the right to make an music phone that has speakers on the side. That’s the official language. In other words, other companies that make similar products don’t have the rights to do so.

Hop-on says it’s going after its competitors in a big way, seeking payment for the ability to continue to make products that they’ve made for years. Hop-on is also announcing plans to sue AT&T, Spring, T-Mobiile, and Verizon—who combined should have enough money to be able to sue Hop-on under the table. The potential war chest of the Big Four notwithstanding, Hop-on is looking to make some money off its newly granted patent—which makes us wonder why those “other” manufacturers didn’t think of securing the rights themselves. Maybe they didn’t need to? Maybe this is just one company’s way to siphon money away from its competitors? Patent law is a strange thing, really.

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