Video: Cheesy Chrysler Sales Pitch for Men and Women


I’ve experienced my fair share of cheesy sales pitches. We see them all the time on TV, listen to them ad nauseum on our radios, but when you see the equivalent of a live infomercial, you can’t help but bust out a chuckle or two. As I made my way around BC Place Stadium for the Vancouver International Auto Show, I came across this presentation, trying to sell me on the new Chrysler Sebring.

In an effort to target every demographic, they had both a man and a woman on the rotating platform, telling me about all the cool features and reasons why I would want to buy the new Sebring. The guy told me that it’s got power. The gal told me that it had good safety ratings. All the while, no one was really paying attention. After seeing this vid, you’ll see why.

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