Security Camera Hidden in Baseball Cap

Security Camera Hidden in Baseball Cap


image_19215_largeimagefile Security Camera Hidden in Baseball CapThat might look like an ordinary black baseball cap. It’s not. It has a hidden camera inside. See if you can see the outline.

We’re not talking your garden variety cell phone lo-res camera, either. No, this is a 720×480 CCD model, with motion detection, remote control, and even time and date stamping. In essence, this is a mobile clandestine security camera. Seen in that light, the price makes more sense: US$1275.

This kind of recording device can be quite handy for a business manager who suspects employees or customers of nefarious purposes. It can record nearly 5 hours on the 4GB SD card. (Beware, though, the battery lasts just one hour, so you’ll need to have a few spares around if you want to record more than 60 minutes at a time.)

The camera can interface with a PC or laptop via USB 2.0. It has a color monitor for viewing of recording, either in real time or after the fact. And input mode is either NTSC or PAL. That’s more options than you’d get with many other handheld cameras, which partly explains the price.

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