DS-Xtreme Homebrew Cart for Nintendo DS Gets Memory Upgrade


image_19246_largeimagefile DS-Xtreme Homebrew Cart for Nintendo DS Gets Memory UpgradeRemember the DS-Xtreme homebrew solution I reviewed a few months back? The common consensus among the homebrew community was that the DS-X was very easy to use, but lacked enough storage space to be all that useful. The developers heard our pleas and have now upgraded the DS-Xtreme cartridge to a full two gigabytes (GB) of space, four times what the cart held previously. The best part is that they are keeping the price steady at $129, so you won’t even need to pay a premium for all that extra storage capacity.

Well, that’s not completely true. We hear that they’ll continue to sell the 4Gb (512MB) version at a reduced price, so if you want to get your homebrew on — whether you use it for illegal ROMs is your own perogative — but don’t need oodles of space, the smaller rendition may better fit your budget. Personally, the DS-Xtreme comes pretty highly recommended for its ease of use and all-in-one-ness, so you might as well splurge for the 2-gigger.

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