Fashionable and Functional MP3 Watch by Nathan Davis


image_19394_largeimagefile Fashionable and Functional MP3 Watch by Nathan DavisI really enjoy the gadgetry that I find on Yanko Design, but it’s always a big downer knowing that the vast majority of things showcased there are never going to make it to production. I hope that this MP3 watch is an exception. Designed with runners in mind, the unnamed wrist MP3 player features an OLED display that is housed underneath a layer of polycarbonate. This ensures that it stays tough, rugged, and weatherproof. You’ll also notice that there is no headphone jack; that’s because when you’re running, you don’t want wires all over the place. Instead, you get all your listening pleasure through Bluetooth headphones (that you’ll have to supply yourself).

To navigate and control the player, simply make use of the jog wheel, a tactile sensitive ring that can be rotated in either direction. This wheel is used both for changing the track and for adjusting the volume: you switch between the two functions by pressing one of the buttons.

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