Skip-Away Makes Scratchy CDs Like New

Skip-Away Makes Scratchy CDs Like New


image_19429_largeimagefile Skip-Away Makes Scratchy CDs Like NewOptoClear might sound like a strange name, and it is, but you might like what it does. It’s a CD and DVD repair system that takes very little time and results in discs as good as new. The system is from VenMill, which has revealed a new machine called Skip-Away. It heats the disc to a very high temperature and then applies enough pressure to make those annoying scratches and tiny divits disappear. OptoClear delivers what its name promises by adding a light polish at the last.

The system has two modes, repair and clean. The latter removes light scratches but doesn’t do the superheating. A full cleaning takes just three minutes, and you’ll wait just 10 seconds for a cleaning.

The only bad news—other than the price tag, which is a bit hefty at US$250—is that Skip-Away wasn’t built for Blu-ray. HD DVD works just fine, however.

Skip-Away comes in seven colors: blue, yellow, red, pink, green, black, and white. They will be available on June 1.

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