Nokia 5700 Candybar Puts Music First


image_19425_largeimagefile Nokia 5700 Candybar Puts Music FirstThe newly announced Nokia 5700 XpressMusic cell phone presents a fusion of design elements with the colored border of the 5300 slider and the rotating bottom of the 3250 music phone. On one side, you get your standard numerical keypad to make voice calls, whereas on the other, you get dedicated music controls. And you don’t even need to turn the phone all the way around to access them, unlike the Samsung Upstage.

The features on this “stylist multimedia phone” include a 2.0 megapixel camera, microSD expansion (with a 2GB card tossed into the bundle), stereo Bluetooth (A2DP), and integrated speakers. Pricing has not yet been revealed, nor has availability.

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