More Than Just GPS With An Ultra-Wide Display


At first glance, the gotive H42 industrial PDA looks like a portable GPS navigator with a really wide display, but it actually offers quite a bit more than that. Yes, that 6.2-inch display is really wide (640×240, 8:3), but that also means that the entire H42 unit is reasonably compact. In addition to GPS, this PDA can latch onto GPS/GPRS networks, grab WiFi signals, and even connect to various peripherals (like keyboards) via USB.

I’m not exactly sure what is the appeal of the 1D/2D barcode reader, but that’s on here as well. Other features include a rugged construction, Intel XScale PXA 270 (520MHz) processor, Windows CE, and 384MB of on-board memory. Storage can be expanded via CF, SD, MMC, and SIM cards. I just think that picture below makes using this device as a phone… well, it looks kind of goofy, doesn’t it?

image_19454_superimage More Than Just GPS With An Ultra-Wide Display

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