MoGo Bluetooth Headset Is Thinner Than a Supermodel


image_19434_largeimagefile MoGo Bluetooth Headset Is Thinner Than a SupermodelMoGo is off to their ridiculously thin ways again, taking a page out of the RAZR’s Samsung’s books. Instead of working on skinny phones, MoGo has set out to create what could be the thinnest Bluetooth headset known to man.

It’s so skinny that you can shove the “uncomfortable-looking earpiece” into a PCMCIA or ExpressCard 34 slot. I’m not exactly sure why you would want to do that, since this is a mobile phone accessory and not one designed for use with laptops, but meh, it never really hurt to have more functionality, right?

Sure, it might look a little like a gray cockroach, but it’ll certainly cost you more than getting your hands on those African hissing cockroaches they use on Fear Factor. And let’s hope this BT headset doesn’t hiss as much either.

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