Philips Xenium NRG Mobile Phone Gets Charged by Energizer AAA Batteries


It can be frustrating for the average consumer when they’re out and about only to discover that their cell phone just died on them. You don’t have time to sit next to a wall outlet as that mobile phone gets juiced up: you need to just get up and go! Philips has teamed up with Energizer and Techtium, developing the Xenium NRG (Energy) cell phone with an available slot wherein you can insert any standard AAA battery for a quick top-up. This is being called the BackuPower system, developed by Techtium.

What this means is that instead of carrying around a charger, you can lug around a handful of NiMH or Energizer e2 Lithium AAA batteries for the ability to be completely charged on a moment’s notice. Not that you’d need to do it that often, considering that the Philips Xenium range of phones “already provides a remarkable standby time and talk time of up to 1 month and 10 hours respectively with its built-in battery.”

By plunking in a single Energizer e2 Lithium AAA battery into the Xenium NRG phone, you get up to one week of additional standby time or up to three hours of additional talk time. Obviously, these numbers diminish quickly if you’re partaking in the FM radio, taking pictures with the camera, or listening to music with the media player.

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