Telus Mobility Launches LG 8600 Chocolate Flip

image_19620_largeimagefile Telus Mobility Launches LG 8600 Chocolate FlipFollowing in the footsteps of Verizon to the south, Telus Mobility officially added the LG Chocolate flip phone to its lineup late last week. The LG 8600 seems to be functionally identical to its sliding cousin, meaning it has similar touch-sensitive music controls on the outer fascia, an integrated media player, 1.3 megapixel camera with zoom, stereo Bluetooth, and microSD expansion.

The Canadian mobile operator also wants to mention that the LG 8600 Chocolate flip phone is perfectly compatible with a number of their Spark services, including mobile radio, mobile music, mobile TV, and wireless web. For $130 with a three-year contract, you also get a free 1GB microSD memory card with reader/writer. And now that number portability is live, you can transfer over from Bell, Rogers, or Fido without losing your old phone number.

Michael Kwan

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