Leadtek Says It’s All About Health, Baby


image_19622_largeimagefile Leadtek Says It's All About Health, BabyNothing is quite as sexy as a rubbery electronic device that’ll read your body temperature and heart rate. Such is the mentality behind the Health Baby by the folks at Leadtek. Boasting a colorful OLED display, the HealthBaby will not only check your heart for a pulse, it’ll give a hospital-quality electrocardiogram (ECG) read-out… you know, the thing that goes “beep, beep, beep” in all those medical dramas. To add to the cuteness, they’ve even included some rather juvenile-looking icons and messages as indicated by the small picture to the left.

When not in use, the Health Baby can also function as a clock. No word on availability or pricing, but I don’t think this is exactly what I’m looking for anyways. I need something that’ll read my brainwaves.

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