Epson R-D1s Digital Camera Harkens Back to a Golden Age

For people that aren’t a fan of sleek modern design, there is the retro-themed Epson R-D1s digital camera. This camera, depicted in the larger picture to the right, is based on the classic (“mythical”?) BESSA R2, pictured in the little image on the left. While it comes with all the standard goodies you’d come to expect from a contemporary camera — like a 6.1 megapixel CCD sensor and a COLOR-SKOPAR 28mm F3.5 lens — it certainly has a much more nostalgic feel to it.

All this love for days gone by does not come cheap. If you want a blast from the past paired with some new-age technology, the Epson R-D1s will put you back €1,930 (US$2,566). Thanks, I’ll take a standard silver camera instead for one-tenth the price.

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