The Ultimate Universal Worldwide Charger


image_19846_largeimagefile The Ultimate Universal Worldwide ChargerIt’s not the smallest thing in the world, but it could very easily be one of the most useful, especially for business travelers who find themselves in Prague one day and Tokyo the next. An issue that comes up time and time again is that the most popular electronic devices do not always work in other countries, because you can’t recharge the bloody thing. The World Travel Adapter by Swiss Travel Products eliminates that problem altogether, because it can translate your “normal” plug into whatever the wall outlet looks like in Paris, Sydney, or wherever.

In this way, all of your rechargeable goodies — iPod, laptop, cell phone, etc. — can be used anywhere in the world. They say that its got a range “from maximum 275W at 110 Voltage to 550W output at 220 Voltage.”

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