Zhongfang Matchbox Phone Reinvents the Slider

image_19903_largeimagefile Zhongfang Matchbox Phone Reinvents the SliderI’m definitely not a fan of the brown and yellow color scheme shoved into a white outer casing, but this slider redesign by Lv Zhongfang is supposed to be great for cell phone haters. Functionally, the matchbox-styled handset works much the same way as a conventional slider phone, using a large single display, sliding out the numerical keypad when needed. The difference, as you can see, is that the phone isn’t in two “layers”, rather housing the keys inside like a box of matches.

This ultra-small design “would fit well in a pocket but expands into a more practical size when needed.” Personally, I still think it looks like an ugly chocolate banana brick. Luckily, this is just a render, so more changes will probably take place before this hits the market… if it ever gets that far.

Michael Kwan

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