Versatile Samsung SGH-P110 Gets Showcased at CeBIT


Taking a short drive over to Hannover, we discover that Samsung is back to their showoff-y ways, this time with a cell phone that flips whatever way you want. The SGH-P110 can be opened up and used like a regular clamshell, but you’ll also notice that the display can be rotated 90 degrees to give you some landscape love. Alternatively, you can flip the SGH-P110 horizontally and use it like an LG enV.

In addition to its highly versatile form factor, this phone also comes equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard, automatic switching display, Bluetooth 2.0, speakerphone, and support for email and instant messaging. No word on launch dates and price.

image_19909_superimage Versatile Samsung SGH-P110 Gets Showcased at CeBIT

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