Pantech Magnet Slider Phone To Be Skinnier Than Samsung


image_19977_largeimagefile Pantech Magnet Slider Phone To Be Skinnier Than SamsungWhat’s this? Samsung may lose the claim of having the world’s thinnest slider phone? Well, if Pantech has their way, they may soon ascend that slim throne. The maglev (magnetic levitation) phone has yet to receive an official name, but what sets this slider apart is that it makes use of magnetic action rather than a spring in order to access the phone’s keypad. This cuts down the bulk and provides a “less jarring action.”

To my knowledge, the Samsung D900 is probably the thinnest slider out there at 12.9mm of thickness. The initial Pantech maglev phone will measure just 9.9mm, a full 3mm thinner than the Samsung equivalent. Despite its skinny profile, the phone will still sport DMB, a 1.3 megapixel camera, and a dedicated music player.

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