AXES PictStar VP8360 Photo Vault Stores 160GB of Memories


image_19993_largeimagefile AXES PictStar VP8360 Photo Vault Stores 160GB of MemoriesDevices like these are an absolute godsend for people that take extended vacations, because it gives you an opportunity to offload those pictures from the digital camera, freeing up the space for more memory making. In addition to the usual onslaught of CF, Memory Stick, SD, and miniSD card slots, the AXES PictStar VP8360 also supports the new SDHC format.

With 160GB hard drive found under the hood, you’ll have plenty of space to store (and view) all those pictures and videos. It’ll play back AVI and MOV videos (352×240) at 30fps, and MPEG-1/4 videos (720×240) at 25fps. The VP8360 is a photo vault, PMP, and even a PVR: it can record directly and store at 320×240, 352×240, or 640×480. On top of all of that, it’ll also tune into the radio and play games.

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