Thanko Unleashes Bone-Crushing Vonia Sports Headband for Music Junkies

The second generation iPod shuffle may be impossibly small, but you still have to deal with all those nasty wires when you go for your morning jog. Getting tangled up is the last thing you want to worry about just before bathing suit season, right? Well, the good people of Thanko are coming to the rescue with the Vonia Sports Headband BCT, a fully integrated system that hides the iPod shuffle as well as all of the associated cables.

Instead of a regular set of white ear buds, the Vonia makes use of Bone Conduction Technology (hence the BCT in its name), vibrating those tunes literally through your skull. The slot is specially designed for the clip-tasted shuffle, but if you can find another MP3 player that can fit in there, it’ll use that too. No word on price.

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