Sony XDV-100 Shoves 1Seg In Your Pocket


image_20059_largeimagefile Sony XDV-100 Shoves 1Seg In Your PocketIt won’t do us very much good on this side of the Pacific, but the Sony XDV-100 is an excellently pocketable solution for people who want to watch television on the go. While it doesn’t appear to have any real PMP functionality to it, the Sony XDV-100 will certainly keep you entertained between its AM/FM radio and 1Seg TV reception.

They’ve kept the package quite small at just 98.3 x 61 x 15.1mm, weighing in at 110 grams, but the screen is an ample 2.8-inch wonder that provides a fairly decent QVGA resolution for all those soap operas while on the road. Now if only we can convince whoever we need to convince to get 1Seg going on in North America, I’d be all over a product like this.

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