Sony Ericsson W660i Walkman Phone Is A True Ghetto Blaster

Sony Ericsson announced another handset to add to their Walkman phone collection today. The W660i is a mid-tier mobile, and there is an optional portable speaker that plugs into the bottom, essentially transforming the music phone into the world’s ghetto-est ghetto blaster. Some have even said that it looks almost like a rubber boot on its side with a speaker on the sole.

Available in two color combinations — rose or black, both with gold trim — the Sony Ericsson W660i Walkman phone is a candybar with a reasonable set of features. You get high-speed 3G connectivity, an included 512MB Memory Stick Micro, and an integrated 2-megapixel camera. In fact, there’s an optional “camera phone kit” that consists of a 3-inch high tripod. Yes, the camera has a lens cover.

No word on pricing, but the W660i should start shipping this Spring.

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