i.Sound Movie Time Universal Dock for Your PMP

i.Sound Movie Time Universal Dock for Your PMP


image_20102_largeimagefile i.Sound Movie Time Universal Dock for Your PMPThis definitely looks like something out of a space movie, like the speaker area should really be a console with all kinds of computer buttons on it. But, no, it’s the more terrestrial i.Sound Movie Time Universal, a dock for your PMP with an emphasis on video.

Yes, you can you listen to “just tunes” if you must, but you might as well take advantage of the 1.25-inch surround sound capability and plunk down in a chair for a full-length feature film. The Movie Time Universal can dock a PSP, an iPod, and even a Zune, as well as other brands of PMP.

If you want to stay rooted, you can plug in using the AC adapter. Just 4 AA batteries, though, allow you to go mobile.

The i.Sound Movie Time Universal is available now for US$77.

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