Fujitsu Hard Drive Battles Mother Nature And Wins


image_20062_largeimagefile Fujitsu Hard Drive Battles Mother Nature And WinsI’m not entirely sure what I would do with an all-weather hard drive, but I guess you could say it’s better to be safe than to be sorry, right? Well, the Fujitsu MHW2040AC hard disk is “specifically designed to resist extreme temperatures”, but I don’t think it can handle getting rained or snowed on.

Instead, the 2.5-inch 40GB platter will happily survive the harsh heat of the Sahara desert as well the unforgiving winters of the Siberian tundra. The range of allowable temperatures is very impressive: -30 Celsius to +85 Celsius. Sure, the hard drive will be able to withstand those kinds of extremes, but what about the rest of the computer, or — more importantly — me?

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