Brando iMONO Card Readsers Also Back Up SIM Information


image_20076_largeimagefile Brando iMONO Card Readsers Also Back Up SIM InformationFinding an inexpensive card reader on the internet is nothing out of the ordinary, but the Brando iMONO is certainly a little different. Each of these not only sports a slot for a memory card so that you can easily load that multimedia content, but there is also a SIM card slot so that you can retrieve phone numbers and other contact information.

Available in black or white, the Brando iMONO (presumably no relation to Apple or the disease) USB 2.0 card readers come in three variations, all of which rock the SIM reading functionality. Depending on what phone you have, you may opt for the microSD, miniSD, or M2 Memory Stick versions. They all cost the same $10 and come with a handy keychain attachment for easy portability.

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