Keep your DSLR CCD Clean with Sensor Scope

image_20224_largeimagefile Keep your DSLR CCD Clean with Sensor ScopeWhile the Sensor Scope won’t do the cleaning for you, it does make the task a heck of a lot easier because it blows those little microbes and fine hairs up so that you really see the nitty-gritty. Using 5x magnification, cleaning the CCD sensor is more thorough, ensuring that the pictures you’ll be taking with your digital SLR will actually come out nice.

The Sensor Scope is designed for use with Nikon and Canon-branded DSLRs, but it can reportedly also work with Fuji and Pentax gear as well. This microscope-like add-on is available for $190. That’s the price you pay for better photos.

Michael Kwan

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