Samsung Starts Shipping Hybrid Hard Drive


Our friends at Samsung are back to their “world’s first” ways again, being the first manufacturer to start shipping their hybrid hard drive to the commercial marketplace. To be available in 80GB, 120GB, and 160GB capacities, the Samsung MH80 Series hybrid hard drives are now being shipping to “select OEM customers and will soon be available in retail and commercial outlets.”

So, what makes these hard drives so special? Well, the 2.5-inch platters come equipped with 128MB or 256MB of flash memory, working perfectly with Windows Vista to help you boot up to 50% faster. Battery life is said to be increased by 30 minutes, and reliability is improved “compared to traditional magnetic media technology.” This is because “the drive’s platters are idle 99 percent of the time, [so] the MH80 eliminates the need for the hard disk to constantly spin whenever a computer is operating on battery power.”

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