Nokia 8800 is Elegant and Racy with Monaco Edition


image_20304_largeimagefile Nokia 8800 is Elegant and Racy with Monaco EditionAnother day, another special edition Nokia 8800. You’ve got to hand it to the Finnish phone-maker, though: they really know how to milk a single product for all its worth. Not to be confused with the RaceTrack series, the Nokia 8800 Monaco takes the fashionable slider and re-christens it with “various appealing colors and encrusted with dazzling jewels.”

Looking for a better camera? Not going to get it. Think it’s going to have improved functionality? Think again. This is the same Nokia 8800 the chic peeps were rocking many moons ago, except you can now get it in blue, white, or gold. That and it says “Monaco” when you push the slider.

We’re not sure when they’ll ship the ISSE Russia-customized Nokia 8800 Monaco with “elegant, human design”, but we can tell you that it most certainly won’t be cheap.

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