Video and Slideshow of Automated Garage in New York


image_20460_largeimagefile Video and Slideshow of Automated Garage in New YorkThere are more cars than there are parking spots and it’s getting tougher and tougher to find room for them all. The AutoMotion parking garage in New York manages to squeeze 67 vehicles into the same amount of space as a conventional 24-car garage.

The way it does it is that you drive in one room, park your car on a platter, lock it and leave. This platter is then taken underground and stashed into a car-sized cubby hole. When you want your vehicle back, you call it back up, and it’ll get served up, facing the road and ready to go. The current price is just $25 per day or $400 per month, which is very competitive for New York.

Check out the slideshow at New York Times and the video below from Popular Mechanics.

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