TomTom Go 715 All-in-One GPS with Cell Phone Functionality

image_20463_largeimagefile TomTom Go 715 All-in-One GPS with Cell Phone FunctionalityThe flow usually heads in the opposite direction with cell phones transforming into Swiss Army knives, but today we’re going to head a little upstream. The TomTom Go 715 is being touted as an all-in-one GPS unit, but it’s got a little something extra that other GPSers are lacking: cell phone functionality. When you plunk your SIM card into the Go 715, it essentially transmogrifies itself into a cell phone. Not only can you make and receive phone calls, but it’s perfectly capable of handling SMS text messages too.

The built-in Bluetooth lets you do it all in a handsfree kind of way too. TomTom hasn’t said anything specifically about this device yet (the news comes via the FCC filing), but we hope to find out more at CeBit.

Michael Kwan

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