K-Touch Tianyu B832 Gets Remotely Bricked

image_20464_largeimagefile K-Touch Tianyu B832 Gets Remotely BrickedCell phone theft is becoming a pressing problem in metropolitan areas but the K-Touch Tianyu B832 is doing something about it. If the handset happens to get swiped and the SIM gets swapped out, it will immediately send out a text message to five pre-selected numbers. If any of these recipients replies to the SMS, the phone bricks itself, disallowing any sort of functionality whatsoever, rendering it completely useless to the thief.

To get it back to normal, I guess, you’d have to plunk the original SIM card back in. In terms of conventional features, the Tianyu B832 has got TV-out, integrated music player, WAP browser, and JAVA. No word on price but it’s a China and Hong Kong-only device for now.

Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

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