WiFi-Only Phones to Go Way of Dinosaur by 2012

WiFi-Only Phones to Go Way of Dinosaur by 2012


Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace and what was once the hottest innovation is now so commonplace that no one cares anymore. Remember when having a color screen on your cell phone was so incredibly cool? Remember when having an integrated camera actually meant something? Those days are long since gone, and so will also be the case with WiFi VoIP phones. At least ones that are WiFi-only. Linksys iPhone going the way of the dodo?

That’s not to say that chatting it up over WiFi will be out of fashion. Quite the contrary. According to Juniper Research, wireless VoIP will be a $70 billion industry by 2012. The key difference, though, is that the vast majority of handsets in use with be WiFi/Cellular hybrids. And it’s not like that’s new technology either; it’ll just be more popular (and affordable).