Honda Civic Type R to Make Triumphant Return to USA


image_20590_largeimagefile Honda Civic Type R to Make Triumphant Return to USAAh, the Type R badge. It means a lot in the Honda camp to receive that little red emblem, because it’s means that you’re cream of the crop, top of the castle when it comes to performance. Oh, how we’ve missed you so. Honda enthusiasts stuck in North America may soon have a reason to rejoice, because word is that the Civic Type R could be coming our way as a 2010 model. A few minor changes will be made to the Euro edition before it can get the go-ahead in N.A., but it should come with the same 2.0L iVTEC engine, the same 220 horses under the hood.

Other niceties include an “appearance kit” and improved suspension components. The America-bound sports car will probably receive a limited slip differential as well. If we’re lucky, there’s also a horsepower boost in store. In terms of which Type R is coming, they’re saying that the sedan is a more likely candidate than the hatch.

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