Waste of Time Mod: Charge Your Cell Phone with a Flashlight


People are coming up with the strangest ways of topping up their handsets, and today’s demonstration has got to be one of the weirdest. Who would want to modify a flashlight so that it could be used to charge your cell phone? Apparently someone who goes by “Kipkay” thought of this ingenious idea. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly a “peg A goes into slot B” endeavor.

Indeed, this crafting of a “makeshift charger with spliced cables and a soldering iron is totally MacGyver-approved.” I guess when you’re using your cell phone to replace your camera, MP3 player, and portable GPS device, the battery life doesn’t go nearly as far as it used to. Now you can have a quick top-up close at hand (and it’ll keep you illuminated at night too). What Kipkay didn’t know is that these have been around for a few years, they only sell for a few bucks more then your standard crank-and-run flashlights.

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